Frequently Asked Questions

What is a uke?

A uke is an abbreviation of a ukulele, an instrument brought to Hawaii by the Portuguese in the 19th century.

What is Uke Society?

Uke Society is founded on the idea of community social gathering – it’s a platform for people to engage in conversations, make new friends, learning and sharing music together, and supporting local businesses.

Can I join the sessions if I have never played an instrument before?

Absolutely yes! I have heard of many stories of beginners who are able to quickly pick up the ukulele without ever playing an instrument before. Don, my friend whom I play with at the Edmonds Senior Center each week, is one of them. He began to learn the ukulele in his 80’s, and is improving by the week 🙂 There is also a trick anyone can learn instantly and be joining everyone else and playing right away; I’d love to share it with you

Do I need to bring my own ukulele to the session?

I work with instrument makers to provide spare ukes for you to borrow, so you definitely don’t need to have your own at these session. However, investing in a well-built uke will definitely help you improve when you practice at home. There are a number of well-made ukes in the range of $50-$150, please check out my reviews for these on the Resources page (hyperlink)

I play a different instrument, can I still join the session?

We welcome all musicians at our session, not just restricted to the ukulele! Please do understand that certain instruments have a tendency to overpower the mellower sound of the ukulele. We would especially appreciate an accompaniment instrument, such as a hand drum or acoustic bass

My instrument of choice is my voice, is it ok for me to only participate vocally?

Absolutely yes!

I enjoy playing with a group, however I prefer not to sing, is it ok to only participate in the strumming and instrumental part?

Singers and non-singers are all welcome, the most important thing is to have fun

Is Uke Society a non-profit organization?

The most common form of non-profit is known as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. To be formally recognized as a non-profit, the organization must be incorporated (become a corporation), and form a board of directors to help guide its operations, among other requirements. While Uke Society is built on the basis of “Community supporting local businesses & local businesses supporting the community”, as a sole proprietor of Uke Society, we consider ourselves a More-Than-Profit organization (5% of profit goes to a nonprofit) rather than a non-profit organization.  

What is Uke Society's profit model?

Uke Society primarily operates based on private and public support in the community, as well as Society+ subscription memberships to suppliment operating costs.

How does Uke Society ensure a small group in its sessions?

A small group size is essential for learning, as well as more suitable for social interactions. Sessions are reservation-based online; upon reaching the size limit, reservation for the session is then closed.  

What are the benefits of a Society+ membership?

Besides helping support the organization’s day to day operation with helping people connect through playing the ukulele, your Society+ membership has many benefits, some of which include

1. Early reservations privileges when venues and schedules are posted and spaces are limited

2. Priority from waitlist when spaces are fully booked

3. Receive weekly newsletter

4. Priority on special events hosted by Uke Society

Do the sessions offer lessons to beginners?

Uke Society does not arrange lesson specific events at this time. However, one would likely find many tips from the seasoned players at each session and get-togethers. If you wish to be connected to an instructor here in the area, I would love to help you with some recommendations. And, as always, there’s some great YouTube channels for learning to play the uke; see our UkeTube page for more info. 

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