About US

Did you know…

  • Seattle has the highest concentration of coffeeshops in the country?

  • Woodinville has some 200 wineries/ tasting rooms?

What do coffeeshops and tasting rooms have in common?

  • Both are cool and fun places people like to hang out at

  • Both typically closes shop at around 5:30pm or 6:00pm

Uke Society was created because…

  • Ukulele is an amazing instrument, no doubt about it!

  • I was curious to find out if businesses like coffeeshops and wineries would be open to hosting social activities such as ukulele jam sessions, by extending their normal operating hours. The results are what you see in the pictures throughout this website

Co-sharing technology platforms like Airbnb, Uber, etc. focus on repurposing underutilized resources (vacant apartments; empty cars) for productive use.


Similarly, Uke Society explores how individual members within the society can collaborate together to build stronger after-hour community – through highly social activities & events with low setup efforts.


And… if the model is well-received here in Seattle, can it also work in Sydney, Australia? What about the possibility of other creative activities and events?


David Liu

Although David has been playing the uke for 10+ years, he admits he still runs into rhythm walls quite often, sometimes on beginner tunes. He does however have quite a large ukulele collection, accruing at the rate of one for every year he’s played the ukulele, so far. Having backpacked through 20 some countries around the world, David is excited about meeting new people, discovering new experiences and building Uke Society alongside many others who are also passionate about this little instrument.

Area of expertise

  • General information about Uke Society
  • Producing ukulele video play-alongs
  • Special powers: Sneaking a quick drink whenever the Am7 chord rolls around
  • Contact information: davidliu@ukesociety.com

Kristin Dibeh

A gifted player and a natural leader, Kristin only picked up the uke since late 2017, but her joy and talent is evident whenever she steps up to perform at the local open-mic or leading uke sessions at venues all around greater Seattle. Kristin has a high sense of awareness to the needs of those around her, and is often seen sitting with newer players and providing valuable tips and tricks to playing the uke.

Area of expertise

  • Host venue (small business) partnership development
  • Jam session operating format
  • Special powers: Strummin’ a uke while riding on a unicycle
  • Contact information: 206-356-8409

Bryan Foss

Always excited to share with others his newly discovered nuggets of uke knowledge or hardware, Bryan embodies what Uke Society’s about. Bryan has the attentiveness to the individual needs at uke jams and knows how to steer uke players of all levels toward a breakthrough or tackle certain playing challenges. When not playing the uke, Bryan and his wife Tammy can be found inspiring dogs to fulfill their higher calling at FlyDogs.

Area of expertise

  • Driver of “Uke Talk” – a teaching segment at live sessions
  • Adopter of uke gadgets and related toys
  • Special powers: Versatility in the range of sounds and making the uke take on different identities from modern rock to traditional Spanish style, and… ukulele karate.
  • Contact information: 

Sara Jackson

Those who have joined Sara in a session always know they’re in for a real treat – Sara never fails to surprise us with a fun arrangement, whether it’s a recent Taylor Swift tune or her often-requested Rubber Duckie from Sesame Street. Sara is an integral driver in creating an easy-to-use song template to efficiently help someone share their tunes with our global audience, while ensuring quality, consistency, and accuracy in the process.

Area of expertise

  • Song format & intake process on ukesociety.com
  • Website and Facebook group admin
  • Special powers: Never had a sore hand/ fingers from playing the uke because of all that intense rock-climbing training
  • Contact information:

Raymond Sismaet

It’s not uncommon for Raymond to be often mistaken as a native Hawaiian. He’s always wearing a big smile and his warm personality will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the pacific islands, especially when he’s strumming his KoAloha concert uke. Raymond discovered the joy of playing the ukulele when he unexpectedly found one at a local thrift shop. He took it home, pulled up YouTube, and within 15 minutes, he was teaching himself “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (yes.. Bruddah’s version). Raymond is passionate about sharing his uke knowledge, and he is just as excited about learning new songs and techniques from new friends.

Area of expertise

  • Adds that special sauce to any tune and jam session
  • Jam session operating format
  • Special powers: Proficiency in handling ukes of all sizes and shapes thanks to a serious case of UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome)
  • Contact information:

Dianne Vallier

A modern, meticulous and multi-dimensioned designer with a simplistic approach to tackling artistic endeavors, it is unclear whether it’s a surprise (or not) that Dianne finds so much joy in playing the ukulele. Through her vision and dedication, we came up with a logo that truly embodies who we are as a community. Want a big die-cut Uke Society sticker to put on your hard case, laptop or bathtub? She’s got you covered.

Area of expertise

  • Logo and various design efforts
  • Merch directions
  • Special powers: Ability to inject a shot of creative into everyday things, whose hair color can also change depending on the day’s occasion, mood or outfit
  • Contact information: Dianne@Studio-D3.com