Create my own

Ready to create your own ukulele song sheet and share it with the global community?

Check out the 3-Step Arrangement Kit designed to make the process both as simple and fun as possible!

Step 1 : Begin w/ Blank Template

To begin your arrangement, download and follow the instructions on the Song Template. Start with the basics like Title, Lyrics, and Chords. We recommend the “Courier New” font as it will allow you to align chords directly over the lyrics.

Step 2 : Customize Your Tune

Once you are ready to add in chord diagrams and strum patterns, download Chord & Strum, then copy and paste what you need into your song. Chord diagrams and strum patterns are images, you can drag to resize as needed.

Step 3 : Submit for Review

Let’s review some final details before getting it added into the official song list, open and follow instructions onĀ Review Checklist. After the review process, your song will be available at

Sample Arrangement

Supplemental Resources – Soon to come!