How we strum it all together

There are no rigid formalities at a uke social, the key is to have fun and hopefully discover something new! Here are some activities you can expect at our typically 2 hour session:

  • Get to know your fellow strummers
  • Jam session (group song circle) with songs from the song library as well as songs anyone wishes to teach to the group. You’d be surprised by the range of styles ukes can cover, be creative!
  • Uke open-mic for those who’d like the opportunity to perform what they have been working on and a mini concert for everyone else
  • Special guest appearances and technique of the week
  • Networking social 🙂

Leaders of Uke Society

Uke Society leaders are volunteers in the community who enjoy playing and sharing music with new and old friends. While everyone’s proficiency and styles on the ukulele may vary, all leaders have in common a sense of positive attitude towards group-play, as well as the ability to maintain a good rhythm, both musically and socially. Please contact us if you would consider supporting our community by becoming a leader.

Raymond Sismaet

It’s not all that uncommon for Raymond to be mistaken as a native Hawaiian. He’s always wearing a big smile and his warm personality will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the pacific islands, especially when he’s strumming his KoAloha concert uke. Raymond discovered the joy of playing the ukulele when he unexpectedly found one at a local second-hand shop. He took it home, pulled up YouTube, and within 15 minutes, he was teaching himself “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (yes.. Bruddah’s version). Raymond is passionate about sharing his uke knowledge, and he is just as excited about learning new songs and techniques from new friends.

David Liu

Although David has been playing the uke for 10+ years, he still considers himself an intermediate level musician. He does however have a larger ukulele collection than most players, accruing at the rate of one for every year he’s played the ukulele, so far. Having backpacked through 20 some countries around the world, David is fascinated and passionate about different cultures and meeting new people; discovering new experiences and pursuing and promoting organic activities within the community.

Onboarding soon!

Onboarding soon!

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