UkeTube song tutorials

UkeTube song tutorials in 4 skill level categories to help you learn your favorite songs and play them in a group setting

UkeTube technique workshop

UkeTube technique workshop helps you learn and refine various strumming, voicing, and performance techniques on the ukulele.

Shopping for a uke

There are many local shops that carry some quality instruments – Dusty Strings & The Guitar Store are two favorites. Also your neighborhood Guitar Center will give you a good idea on a wide range of ukulele options

Tuner app

“Tuner – gStrings Free” is a nice tuner you can download on your smartphone for free.

Chord chart

For your basic ukulele chords, visit 

Chords to songs

Here are some popular locations for ukulele chords & is another great place for chords and you can easily see the ratings for each version submitted

Video lesson channels on YouTube

Looking for more video tutorials that are easy to follow along with on YouTube? Check out some of my favorites at &

Song books

There are a vast array of songbooks for free download on the internet. Search on google and let us know which one you like the most! 

Local instructors

Masa Kobayashi

Masa Kobayashi: Hailing from Tokyo Japan, Masa has performed and recorded with local and international artists throughout Europe and the US. As a multi-instrumentalist and a song writer, he has experiences with many musical styles from punk, rock, metal, funk and jazz to Balkan and African music. While he focuses on many recording and performance projects, he is also an inspirational teacher and has taught many students locally and internationally. Learn more at 

Sunga Rose

Sunga Rose is an experienced teacher & performer. For 9 years, she has been the bandleader, vocalist and ukulele-strummer for the 1920s trio Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators. Sunga picked up her first ukulele 9 years ago and hasn’t put it down since, which makes riding a bicycle somewhat awkward. She has been running her own studio and teaching group ukulele classes and workshops at Dusty Strings in Seattle for 7 years and is a certified instructor in the James Hill Ukulele in the Classroom teaching method. She has also run the beginners’ ukulele jam at Dusty Strings for over 6 years, providing fun & guidance for newer players. Learn more at

Rodney Higuchi (Uncle Rod)

Birch Pereira

Birch is a well known stand-up and electric bassist in the jazz, funk, hip hop, Americana, and rock scenes. His secondary instruments are piano (beginner to intermediate jazz/pop), guitar, and ukulele (beginner to intermediate folk/jazz), and he also teaches music theory. Birch has built a strong reputation in the Northwest as an accomplished bass player, composer, and producer. His diverse musical background includes playing in symphony orchestras, a jazz performance degree from the University of Washington and years of gigging experience ranging from jazz to Americana, funk, hip hop, salsa, Brazilian, and Afro-pop bands. Learn more at

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